TuTka Backdoor Trail! 

The Tutka Bay Backdoor Trail stretches 21 miles between Taylor Bay on the Eastern side of the Kachemak Mountains to Tutka Bay on the Western (Homer) side! It is filled with rugged terrain, lush old-growth forests, rocky glacial beds, majestic rivers, cristal clear alpine lakes, and a wide variety of Alaskan wildlife!






Let us take care of the logistics, so you can enjoy your backpacking trip! We offer a round trip service for this adventure! Our de Havilland Otter will drop you off in Taylor Bay at the trailhead on day one. As you are reaching Tutka bay, we will arrange a water taxi pick-up and transportation back to your vehicles once in Homer. For more information and pricing give us a call at (907) 235-7482. For a more detailed look at the trail check out the link below!

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What to Expect:


~Full transportation to and from trail


~3-5 days depending on group

~A fairly well-marked trail (bring map/

GPS for precaution)


~21 miles  

~Beautiful scenery/wildlife!

2019 Map (Trail has since been completed!)

Photos by: Trevor Davis and Larissa Arbelovsky


Woz River Rafting! 

The Wosnesenski River is an incredible packrafting destination for many adventure seekers! We will provide transportation (gear not provided) to the head of the river near a beautiful glacier (see below)! Our DHC-3 Otter can carry up to 10 people or 2000 lbs, so it is perfect for your friends, family, rafting gear, coolers, and more!











From the head of the glacier to the ocean is around 12.5 miles of stunning rafting fun! After you reach the ocean, you will be picked up by a water taxi and taken back across the bay to Homer! We have partnered with Homer Ocean Charters to offer the water taxi ride back across the bay. Call for pricing and more information! (907)235-7482

Photo By: Paxson Woelber

Photos Provided By Erik Bernhoft