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About​ Northwind

     Northwind Aviation, LLC is an adventure tour company and FAA-certified unlimited air carrier on Beluga Lake in Homer, Alaska. It was founded by Jose de Creeft in 1992 and sold to the Jackson family (Scott, Barb, Brandon, and Chris) in 2020. Scott serves as one of our pilots and guides! 

     Northwind Aviation operates a Cessna 206, three de Havilland Beavers, and two de Havilland Otters! In the state of Alaska, these are the planes to get the job done!


Photo by: Kerry Tintzman

Who we are

Photo by: Kerry Tintzman

      We specialize in taking our guests to some of the most beautiful places in Alaska, providing a variety of services including McNeil River Access, Bear Viewing, Sight Seeing, Point to Point Transportation, and Aerial Work Operations. If you love photography, sightseeing, hunting, hiking/camping, or fishing, let us help you fulfill your dream adventures!

What we do

Our Safety Standard

As a family-owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on taking extreme safety precautions on every flight. Our safety protocol includes watching the weather carefully and loading the planes under capacity for easier, safer takeoffs/landings. Your safety and the safety of your friends and family is our #1 priority at Northwind! 


Photo by: Kerry Tintzman

We look forward to sharing this majestic land with you whatever your needs and/or travel plans may be!

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