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Northwind AViation -
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WHy Choose Northwind?

Family Owned/Operated!

Northwind Aviation is family-owned and operated by the Jacksons - Barb, Scott, Brandon, and Chris! We have a deep love for Alaska and its adventures, and Northwind Aviation is a product of that passion. Scott and Chris are pilots, Barb is a Nurse, and Brandon is a charter fishing captain in Homer! We as a family love seeing the same folks year over year and have built many friendships around aviation in this beautiful state! Bring your family for some fun in Alaska!

Safety Record!

Northwind Aviation has operated floatplanes in Homer with a flawless safety record for 30 years! Our pilots are well-trained and experienced in the backcountry and are experts of aviation, Alaska's weather, and bear behavior/safety. Additionally, our planes are maintained and regularly serviced to the highest standard!

Our Planes!

If you want the true Alaska experience, you have to fly in our de Havilland Otters or Beavers! Folks in the 49th state have used these iconic bush planes to get to the rugged backcountry for decades. Get the true Alaskan aviation experience as you embark on an adventure with awe-inspiring scenery and majestic coastal brown bears!

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The Jacksons - Barb, Scott, Brandon, and Chris

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