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The Northwind Experience 

At Northwind, our pilots Scott, Joe, and Jeremy value safety as a #1 priority! Secondly, we like to have fun! We love to meet new people, see old friends, fly families, enjoy laughs together, tell local history, and experience the beauty of Alaska with you! 

Your Northwind Aviation experience starts with safe and fun pilots! We are lucky to have the incredible pilots that fly for us and know they will work hard to make your Alaskan adventure fantastic!



Scott Jackson, the owner, grew up in the north woods of Maine, hunting, fishing, and trapping. From the ages of 18-21, he attended college and completed a B.S. degree in aircraft maintenance and operations. Scott has an MBA in Marketing from NYIT ('07) and has founded and managed companies specializing in aircraft charters, real estate, global avionics sales, outdoor education, and hunting and fishing guide services. 


Scott enjoys hunting, flying bush planes, and fishing in Kachemak Bay. Most of all, he enjoys spending time with customers that have a passion for the outdoors. His primary roles are business development and marketing at Northwind. He guides the company on a day-to-day basis, answering customer's questions, and ensuring everyone has a great time during their visit. Scott brings 30 years of flying experience to the table!

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For Joe, being an Alaska Bush Pilot is more a lifestyle than a job.  It's where he can share his passion for all things Alaska and his love of flying.  With over 18,000 flight hours in Turbine Otters and Beavers, most of which has been flown in the Alaskan backcountry, Joe feels completely at home in the sky.  As an experienced guide, Joe has expert knowledge of the premier places for fishing, hunting and bear viewing. 

Joe and wife Rhonda live the motto: Adventure is out there!  They love to travel, explore, and spend time with family and friends.  They can't wait to be the first to welcome you to Alaska.



Jeremy Harmon is the newest addition to the Northwind Aviation team. He grew up in Buxton, Maine and has accumulated over 5500 flight hours. His interest in flying started as a young kid by attending the International Seaplane Splash-in in Greenville, Maine. Another major contribution to his love for flying was his Dad’s 1946 Aeronca Champ, which Jeremy is currently restoring.
Jeremy started flying at 18, attending Spartan College of Aeronautics in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He graduated with his pilot certificates and an Associates Degree in Aviation Science. Between instructing new and aspiring pilots and flying the amazing Maine coast, Jeremy also takes time to enjoy the outdoors, play guitar, and bring history to life as a living historian.