The Northwind Aviation Pilots

Jose de Creeft

Jose de Creeft is a second-generation Alaska pilot. He has lived in Homer since age three and started flying commercially for his dad at age 19. In 1992 he founded Northwind Aviation.

He has more than 20,000 hours and over 30 years of commercial flying in Alaska.

These hours have been accident and incident free with an emphasis on safety. Most of his flying experience consists of operating seaplanes including DeHavilland Beavers, Otters, and a variety of Cessna airplanes. Currently, he owns and operates a DeHavilland Otter , a Cessna 206 and a L19 Birddog.

Jose is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys Alaska with his wife and children through various activities.  Some of which are skiing, hiking, snow machining, biking and playing hockey.

Jimmy Christensen

Jimmy has been flying commercially in Alaska since age 19. His family is from Homer and he lives here year round. He has more than 10,000 hours and over 15 years of commercial flying in Alaska. Jimmy has maintained a perfect safety record and continues to make safety a priority on every flight.

He has extensive experience operating both wheelplanes and seaplanes, including Cessna 206s, DeHavilland Beavers, our L19 Birddog and DeHavilland Otter. When Jimmy is not flying he enjoys Alaska in a variety of ways including hunting, fishing, camping and outdoor activities. He also loves spending time with his two wonderful children Bryce and Joe.